High Efficiency, Tech Empowerment Keeps Service Quality High at The Office Advantage

When you do business in a large, sparsely populated geographic area, service-call eciency takes on a much higher level of importance. No one—whether management or the service techs—wants a second 300-mile round-trip service call, just because the right part wasn’t on the truck the first time.

The Office Advantage does business in just that kind of area. Based in the small town of Mitchell, South Dakota (population 17,000), this Xerox dealer serves a wide area that includes eastern South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa, and northeast Nebraska. That represents a radius of about 200 miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where The Oce Advantage opened an oce in 2005.

Managing Document Security in the Face of Digital Threats

With technology attacks and network threats growing more and more sophisticated, achieving effective data security measures is an increasingly difficult challenge. Maintaining security is pivotal to gaining and keeping customer trust, particularly when data and document security breaches impact customer data. With the advancement of new threats, however, also comes the advancement of new threat prevention technologies.

What Are the Best Methods for Data Security?

Technological evolution has led to an increasing number of options to leverage software and physical security means to increase data and document security. Those methods include:

Reduce Your Paper Footprint with Document Digitization

So you’re ready to tackle the paperless workplace, but have you determined the best digitization and digital document management solution for your company? Depending on the nature of your business, different document management solutions may work better than others — and no two pathways to paperless are the same.

How to Assess Your Digital Document Needs

Determining the best document management solution for you means understanding exactly how your company will use digital documents. If you consistently transmit a large number of secure documents, your needs will vary greatly from a company that primarily archives records for posterity. Evaluate needs such as collaboration, secure transmission, redundant storage, and others to determine the best solution for your workflows.

Tuesday Tips: Why you shouldn't invest in off-brand supplies

Off-brand products can often be much less expensive than brand-name items. While this may be advantageous when you’re grocery shopping, when it comes to printer supplies, you have to be much more diligent. There is more at stake. Consider these four things when you are shopping for office equipment supplies.

  • Repairs

A toner cartridge that isn’t made to high standards can damage your printer. When you purchase a name brand cartridge, you’re guaranteed that the item is made to printer specifications. Is the risk of damaging a machine worth hundreds of dollars, worth saving a few dollars by buying off-brand?

  • Money

Although you may save money initially when you go off-brand with office supplies, you may not get the same page yield that you would with a name-brand.

Tuesday Tips: Keeping Your Data Safe

Data security is a serious issue for businesses and individuals. Although the major data breaches in the news have been larger companies, such as Target, Equifax and even the government, no one is safe. Taking your company offline is a drastic and ineffective solution. Instead, it’s time to take a look at new technology that provides document security. Implementing small measures to prevent your information from being stolen is more effective than cleaning up a mess after your security has been breached. Here are three fields that are being utilized for data security:

How a Printer Can Save Your Legal Firm’s Money

Every good businessman knows that there are two ways to create more profits: increase income or reduce expenditure. Most businesses focus on the former and with good reason; it’s necessary for both clearing starting costs and long-term growth. While legal firms hustle to get more and higher-paying clients, cost control often gets forgotten. Analyzing the way a firm spends money can be difficult, but innovative technology can offer creative solutions.

Using Every Asset

Finding the right balance between paper and digital can be challenging. Some companies push the indiscriminate use of technology while being blind to the advantages of hard copies. Having documents in paper allows for easy examination and provides a physical backup for electronic files.

Tuesday Tips: Making Your Workplace Truly Mobile

The process of “going to work” used to include getting dressed and taking transportation to arrive at an office building for a shift of eight hours or more. Today, it may mean grabbing a cup of coffee and going to the dining table with a laptop, while still in your PJ’s. This can be an effective way to reduce expenses for businesses, but it may bring challenges when faced with providing the right office equipment. Remote workers may require advanced connectivity and a mobile-friendly atmosphere to maintain productivity levels.

Tuesday Tips: The Xerox Print Awareness Tool Makes Printing Personal

Are you feeling annoyed about the twenty copies of that ten-page proposal that were printed single-sided? If you care about the environment and you want your business to work greener and more efficiently, managed print services can help you reach that goal. Along with gaining better control over multifunction printers, this package of services and software can improve document production, storage and security.  

Tuesday Tips: Setting Up Scan to Email From Your Multifunction Printer

Your multifunction printer is critical for the efficiency of your business. You want to ensure that you are taking advantage of all its capabilities, including setting up scan to email. Knowing about the process makes this task easier.

What is Scan to Email?

This is a nice feature that allows you to scan documents and they are transformed into an email with the documents attached. This saves a few steps which can save considerable time if you frequently email scanned documents.

Setting Up This Function

All office equipment is a bit different, but for the most part, the primary steps are mostly the same. The following are generally necessary to get this function working:

Tuesday Tips: Why Document Security Matters

When thinking about protecting your documents you may be unsure of where to start or what to look into. Here are the basics about the various aspects of document management systems and document security:

Physical security

Make sure that any physical storage is safe – that your device is equipped with proper software to protect your information from inception until the end of your device’s life. 

Network security

Protect your network, not just your devices. Solutions are available to prevent stolen or modified data by encrypted network communications.


Set up your devices and software to be accessible by password, ID card, etc. so that only the appropriate people have access. 


Invest in tools that keep track of your entire document and print environment. Recorded logs allow you to trace any authentication attempts and records of all device activity.


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