3 Reasons to Invest in Production Printing with Inkjet

3 Reasons to Invest in Production Printing with Inkjet

Large-scale printing projects have always been difficult and costly, but no more. Production printing with inkjet provides a number of benefits that can bring your business into a new era. Here are three reasons to consider switching to an inkjet production printer:

1. Cost

One of the key favorable points is that inkjet is cheaper than other printing systems. Because you don’t have to send your projects away to specialized printing companies, you have more
control over the design and implementation of your production print projects. If something doesn’t look quite right, you can also fix it before you print your entire stock.

2. Speed

Using an inkjet production printer is also faster than older methods. Because you’ll be printing on-site in your offices, you’ll be able to see instant results, and you won’t have to wait days or weeks to find out if a minor mistake will result in reprinting the entire order.

Corporate Responsibility and How it Matters to Xerox

Xerox believes that businesses should be socially responsible. Corporations should still focus on its environmental and social impact. The reality is that socially responsible businesses are cost-effective and efficient. In addition, to practice sustainability means that the company will be able to serve future generations.

Reporting Responsibility

Xerox was among the first companies that decided to report on health, environment and safety performance. This type of focus forced other companies to do the same. After Xerox, the market demanded that companies operate responsibly. In line with Xerox’s innovation, the company seeks to make social and environmental change. The company reduces emissions and tries to divert from landfill use.

A Better Way to Communicate for Healthcare Professionals is Here

A Better Way to Communicate for Healthcare Professionals is Here

The fax machine is simultaneously a fundamental part of every medical practice, and the bane of many medical professional’s existence. Although completely removing the fax machine from your practice’s daily needs may not be possible yet, with modern healthcare technology you can begin the process of phasing it out and removing its importance. Anyone who has spent significant time responsible for handling an office’s faxing needs knows that any improvement on the amount of faxes sent and received is a welcome one.

Printing Beyond CMYK

Printing Beyond CMYK

With potential clients being so bombarded by media in every direction, it’s becoming more and more important to find ways to make your materials more attention-getting. One way to do this is to invest in office technology that will allow you to move beyond printing in CMYK only.

Dry Ink Technology

Print technology that uses dry ink is one way to make your documents more appealing. It not only allows for new colors to be used but also for layering and a smoother finish that makes jobs come out more vibrant and professional looking. Two important additions with the dry ink technology are:

1. White Dry Ink

A brighter and more opaque white is a game changer. This improved white will make you aware of how bland the whites of the past really are in comparison.

2. Metallic Dry Inks

What are the Benefits of Business Apps?

What are the Benefits of Business Apps?

Trying to find workflow solutions doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the emergence of new apps for business, there is a plethora of options to assist with business management and workflow, as well as the possibility of custom-designed apps for individual businesses. Apps can take out the time-consuming manual tasks that people deal with day to day. Xerox multifunction printers now have several apps available that help make data sharing easy and secure.

Is There Still Room for Paper?

There is still a place in businesses for paper documents, however, with the apps that are now available, there are uncomplicated ways to convert paper to PDF and PDF documents to paper. The world is ever-changing, and the digital medium seems to be the direction for most businesses. Now businesses can find apps that help to make that transition easier.

This Feature Will Help You Save Supplies When Printing

This Feature Will Help You Save Supplies When Printing

Nothing is more frustrating than printing off dozens of copies of a large document, only to look at the first one and realize something got cut off on the first page. Especially with the present focus on sustainability and being environmentally conscious, it’s frustrating to have to throw all those misprinted copies in the trash.

With the Sample Set feature, available on Xerox printers, you can choose to print a sample set first. This was print only one set of the documents, so you can check to make sure everything printed correctly before printing the remaining copies. Not only is this better for the environment, but it will save you loads of time.

3 Reasons This Digital Press is a Game-Changer

The Xerox Iridesse digital press is a groundbreaking piece of equipment that makes life easier and more creative for designers and print professionals. Here are three factors causing many people in the print world to talk about it.

1. Two Incredible Technologies Combined

The Xerox Iridesse has a six-color system which combines traditional and specialty inks on a single press. That alone is an innovation in digital printing, but the Iridesse also offers Metallic Dry Inks that retain so much resolution, they are actually a suitable substitute for foil stamping.

2. Embellishments, Including Metallics

Using the Metallic Dry Inks, print professionals can pull incredibly sharp images from tricky elements like gradients and thinner fonts. The Xerox Iridesse can also create these elements, making it easy to add metallic or iridescent textures to flat prints.

Small Businesses and Their Economic Significance

Small Businesses and Their Economic Significance

Since 1993, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) has promoted National Small Business Week to honor up and coming small businesses and entrepreneurs that play a critical role in the economy, both nationally and for local communities. The event highlights some of the factors that make up the roles of small businesses, as well as the issues they face and the solutions they implement.

1. Contributions to the Nation’s Workforce

By the numbers, the value of small business makes itself apparent, both in terms of workers employed and production. The SBA projects that: Roughly 66% of Americans of working age are employed by or own a small business; Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, altogether, contribute about 70% of the US’s gross domestic product (GDP)

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The subject of computer security has existed for as long as computers and the internet have, but the field is always changing and costs of cybercrime continue to grow. Major corporations and government agencies seem like high-profile targets, but small businesses increasingly are the ones under attack. Understanding the risks and how to implement document security is critical for small business owners to protect themselves and their customers.

Protect Your Clients’ Trust

Maximizing Printer Functionality

Maximizing Printer Functionality

Modern-day printers are typically multifunction printers (MFPs) that are:

  • Able to print
  • Act as copiers
  • Scan
  • Fax
  • Email

They are interconnected devices most often networked to a business’s server and the internet, adding even more functionality and access across the span of brick-and- mortar locations as well as the mobile devices of the employees wherever they may be. As a business owner you should use your printers to the fullest by maximizing the utilization of all the available functions of your MFPs.


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