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paper vs digital

Save TIME & MONEY by converting your paper files into secure, indexed, searchable digital files. 

we specialize in taking your business through the entire process of converting your paper files to searchable computer files.

some advantages of digitizing paper files

search info faster
data integrity
free up storage space
paperless processes
Data privacy
protect data loss

general pricing/pricing guide

This pricing guide is designed to provide an estimate of the costs associated with outsource scanning of your documents. Your particular job requirements may alter this standard pricing model. Most often, we can find ways to reduce your cost through the application of leading edge technologies.

archiving prices

quality of documents (doc prep)

In order to scan your documents, they must be pulled from folders, unclipped, unstapled, unfolded, and multi-part forms separated. If the order of the documents is important, selection of certain pages must be made, and/or the folder must be re-assembled, then that must be considered in estimating doc prep charges. Using the scale below, you can get a good idea of how document quality can affect the per page pricing for your document.

Mostly white paper of legal or letter size. All can still be scanned through feeder. Some staple and/or multi-part form separation. Can still be scanned in order.

Various non-standard paper sizes, documents out of desired scan order, some special scanning required on flatbed, many documents unable to be scanned through feeder.

document preparation

Document preparation is done for a fee of $45.00 per hour based on 1000 documents per hour. However, poor document condition will obviously lead to longer document preparation times.

We use state-of-the-art scanning equipment that can detect double feeds and provide automatic image enhancement such as de-speckling, de-skewing, de-shading, and streak removal.  

Your documents are maintained in a secure and humidity-controlled environment while on our premises. 

document indexing

Indexing means that the operator is required to input a key field of information (i.e., name, social security number, account number, invoice number, etc.” for each folder. A folder can be a single page or hundreds of pages. We provide 2 index fields of 15 characters each. Any additional index is .14 for up to 15 characters.

media preparation

After scanning the documents, we will return the documents on whatever media you choose in duplicate at no charge. 

boxing costs

Boxing of files by our personnel is $45.00 per hour, minimum of one hour. Client may choose to box files themselves. Boxes must be banker boxes that conform to the size of the documents and have lids.

copying costs

For images that need to be copied prior to the scanning process, there will be a .07 per image fee.

courier costs

We will pick up documents to the client site (If 15 box minimums are met) within 200 miles of Mitchell or Sioux Falls, South Dakota for free.  Any miles after that are 1.25/running mile.

disposal costs

Document destruction is also offered. Documents are held in a secure area and are shredded weekly after verification that you have audited the delivered data. Rates are dependent on document location and quantity.


We require a 40% deposit in advance of all scanning projects. This amount is credited back to your account on a pro-rata basis. Office Advantage invoices monthly (or upon job completion) for work completed that month. Our terms upon completion of project are net 10 days.

scanning project example

A client has 4,000 folders with an average of 15 pages per folder, thus, an estimated 60,000 pages total. Each folder is to be indexed on number only - which is a 9-digit number. The quality of the documents is deemed to be “Good” because some staple removal and selection of documents was necessary.

The cost for this job would be as follows:

example of scanning project
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