Managed Print Services

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PrintSmart is the Managed Print Services division at The Office Advantage. Implementing Xerox Managed Print Services can accomplish substantial office savings, productivity gains, and environmental sustainability.

The Print Environment Challenge

There are many challenges in today’s typical unmanaged office printing environment. In countless companies, copiers, inkjet and laser printers and cartridges are purchased “under the radar” with very little discretion. This often results in:

  • High printer supply spending
  • Office Equipment under-utilization
  • Paying more bills, cutting more purchase orders
  • Managing large amounts of copier and printer supplies in expansive supply closets
  • Drain on IT resources
  • Employee frustration

Managed print services can eliminate these issues with comprehensive control and smart software.

The Managed Print Difference

Organizations that engage a strategic partner to take a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing their print infrastructure can significantly reduce or eliminate these problems.

Cost Savings

  • Reduce total output cost by 15-25%
  • All service and supply items included
  • Immediate results

Workflow Improvement

  • Single invoice for entire fleet
  • Eliminate toner monitoring and ordering duties
  • Refocus IT printer responsibilities
  • Proactive support
  • Local helpdesk support and service technicians

Improved Visibility

  • Uncover hidden costs
  • View usage trends

Fleet Control

  • Use data to know when to retire, refresh or relocate office equipment
  • Real-time list of fleet gear and usage

Print Environment Consultant

  • Ongoing optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Document Management Systems
  • Plan for new technology
  • The beauty of this arrangement is that you do not have to invest in any new hardware.

Download our brochure for more information and contact us today to see how your Sioux Falls or Mitchell SD organization can benefit from managed print services.

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