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What is the process for buying a copier?

Copier Purchase Process
Purchase Process

So, you have decided on the equipment that best fits your business’ needs. If you are not that far yet, we can help you with that.

5 Things to Know
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The next step will be making sure you have the physical requirements for that equipment. Here is the process that we go through with our customers:

An OA team member will either virtually, or preferably in person, go through a little checklist with you.

Do you have space?

  • Check the physical dimensions of the equipment against where you want the device(s) to go. This will include room to open all doors/trays and make sure for proper ventilation.

Are you wired?

  • Is there a network drop available where you want to place the device(s)? If not, will cabling need to be installed prior to delivery? Would a small switch and/or longer cable make it work?

  • Will you need faxing capabilities? Not every device comes preconfigured for faxing and fax lines must already be in place near the device.

  • Do you have power? Most devices will use standard outlets, but if you are purchasing a larger production device, then you may need electrical work done prior to installation. Also, power strips should not be used on most devices. The electrical outlet will need to be close to the device.

Building Layout

  • How many doors will the device need to go through? Are they wide enough for wheeled devices? Are the doorways flush with the ground or floor?

  • Will the device need to go up steps? Wheeled devices will need special equipment to go up or down any steps. Even small devices may require 2 people to carry to keep everyone safe.

Hey, everything looks good! Now what?

Now you have a few more decisions to make. The first major decision will be to pay cash or lease. Here is what the process looks like for both.

Cash Purchase

  • You receive an invoice upon payment. The equipment is yours.

  • Decide if you want to place equipment on a maintenance and supply contract.


  • You pay a set rate for every printed page and that will cover any supplies needed and every regular service call. The only service that would not be included, would be issues due to environmental or direct physical damage. The rate is typically pennies or a fraction of that, per printed page. Black and white is less expensive. Color devices will have 2 separate rates for color and for black and white. Supplies are shipped automatically as needed by the device.

  • A couple service calls could cover your investment. Consumables and parts can cost hundreds or thousands when paid for out of pocket.

  • This will really be the best choice since there is no risk to you.


  • Bill to pay every month (or agreed upon cycle)

Lease Purchase

  • Go through a credit approval

    • OA will work with the lessor for approval. The approval process will NOT affect your credit score. Leases can be set for 24-60 months. Payments will be reflective of term.

  • Sign a lease agreement with a maintenance and supply contract

    • Like with a cash purchase, this would cover maintenance and supplies for a set cost per impression. Payment for this contract will be on a separate invoice from the lease payment.

  • ACH approval for automatic payments


  • Small, predicted monthly payments that are easy to budget

  • Sometimes a $1 buyout is available at the end of the lease.


  • You do not truly own the device until the end of the lease with purchasing options.

  • You will have 2 bills to pay every month.

Last steps - Scheduling

Once the device is purchased and all the paperwork finalized, OA’s team will work with you to schedule the installation of the device(s) and find out exactly what needs to be accomplished during installation. Normal delivery and installation will be included with purchase if within 50 miles of Mitchell, Sioux Falls, or Watertown, South Dakota, and/or total purchase price exceeds $1500. There is some flexibility to these rules, depending on the opportunity.

Installations can uncover undetected technical issues. For that reason, we set the expectation of up to 2 hours/device and installation must be scheduled to begin in the morning.

There may be additional fees if advanced technical set-up is required. This could include things such as scanning to network folders, setting up app features, setting up device accounting, etc.

Basic training for you and your employees will be provided at the time of install.

All done! Well, you’re done with the complicated stuff anyways. OA’s support doesn’t end after the installation. Regular business reviews will be scheduled to go over what is and what isn’t working for you, where your prints are going, service history, and what’s next. We are also only a phone call away (or website submission) to ask any questions, voice concerns, place a service call, or get help with supplies.

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