A Brief Guide to Digitizing Your Data

With everything going digital, it’s only a matter of time before you have to shift your business to the digital track and leave the paper trail behind. To make the process easier, The Office Advantage is here to help lay the foundation for properly digitizing your data and improving your document management capabilities.


The first step in digitizing data is simply scanning it. You might also see this process referred to as “imaging.” In any case, make sure all of your paperwork is well organized and filed to make the scanning process easier.


Solving Office Issues With Managed Print Services

Managed print solutions are a great way to streamline our facilities’ printing processes and ensure maximum efficiency. But how do you know if you need printing help? Here are a few problems you may be facing in your workplace that would be solved by managed print services, also known as MPS.

Rising Costs

First of all, cost-based problems can be a good indicator that you might benefit from managed print services. If your printing costs are escalating, if you are facing pressure to reduce expenses, or if you are having trouble identifying the costs of your equipment and processes, MPS can help you find places where painless cuts can be made.

Governance Problems

Tips for Automating Your Business Processes

Today, the pace of business runs faster than ever, and you need to take advantage of the latest tools and technology to keep up. An electronic document management system can boost your office’s productivity by automating several business processes:

1. Digital Annotations
You can digitally highlight, redact and add notes to a document without permanently altering the document itself.

2. Document History
Generate a comprehensive audit trail by using a document history feature to automatically record every time a file is viewed, printed, emailed or exported.

3. Revision History
A revision history feature allows you to go back through all edits of a document. You can also control who within your business has access to view any given revision.

Tuesday Tips: Finding the Right Printer for Your Office

Switching your office equipment can seem like a big undertaking. Comparing models, costs, and functions is difficult without all of the facts, benefits and drawbacks of each option. Here are some tips on choosing the right laser printer or multifunction printer for your office.

First, think about what you print, how much you print, who prints, what level of expansion you are expecting and what your print budget is. Ask yourself these questions before speaking to any print professional or starting your research online. When you have those answers you can better narrow down your search and hone in on the piece of equipment for your needs.

Changing Your Work Environment to be More Productive

Developing a productive work environment is an ongoing project that changes with each new hire, departmental shift or management change. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your employees feel empowered and enabled to use their time most productively. Here are a few tips from Warren Rutherford on how to improve the productivity of your workplace.

Communicate Clearly About Success

When your employees know what you expect of them and what the markers of success are, they will be able to perform to your standards. Communicate the importance of their participation and involvement to the overall success of the business.

Establish Procedures

Increasing Productivity with a Multifunction Printer

Do you find that your employees are spend a great deal of time dealing with print-related tasks? A multifunction printer (MFP) might reduce the time it takes to print and scan documents, simplifying employee workload overall.

Multifunction printers allow you to combine several processes into one, so you have the most streamlined workflow possible. So, how can an MFP help? Here are a few ways a multifunction printer

Tuesday Tips: How to Reduce Your Office Printing Costs

Printing is something most office workers do on a regular basis, perhaps without thinking of the resulting cost to the company. Sending out staff bulletins with information about how to reduce printing-related costs is a good first step when you are trying to combat waste, but did you know there is another, more powerful step you can take? It involves customized print management.

Choosing a Small Business Printer

If you’re trying to choose a small business laser printer, then there are a number of different factors that you need to take into account. Cost is important, of course, but you should also think about the type of functionality that they offer.


Small businesses tend to have narrow profit margins, and so any expenses should be carefully examined for their cost to value ratio. However, the cheapest option won’t always give you the most bang for your buck. When seeking a printer, you might be better off finding a product that offers a wide variety of options rather than just bare-bones services.


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