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  • Is my computer worth fixing?
    When it comes to deciding between repairing or replacing a computer, several factors come into play. Factory-built computers typically have a lifespan of around 5 years, after which they may struggle to handle today's demanding applications due to outdated hardware. However, it's important to note that this guideline may not apply universally to custom builds or higher-end devices, as their performance and longevity can vary significantly. If you find yourself unsure about whether to repair or replace your computer, we're here to assist you. Our team can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the repair costs versus the cost of a new computer. This comparison will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.
  • My computer isn’t running right, what do I bring in?
    For computers that power on and have internet connectivity, we prioritize a remote session to diagnose and resolve any issues. This remote option allows for quick and convenient troubleshooting. In cases where remote assistance is not feasible, we will recommend bringing your computer to our shop for further evaluation and repair. When bringing your computer, please ensure you include the computer itself along with the power cord. If you have a desktop, a standard 3-prong power cord is not required for our purposes.
  • How long before I get my device back?
    The duration for repairing a device may vary based on its specific circumstances. Generally, we aim to complete repairs within 5-7 business days. However, several factors can influence the repair process, including technician workload, the nature of repairs required, parts availability, data transfers, and the device's overall performance. Once the repair process has commenced, we gain a better understanding of the timeframe involved. If you require an estimated time of completion, feel free to request one, and we'll provide a rough estimate based on the current status of the repair. Rest assured, we strive to keep you informed and deliver your device back to you as promptly as possible.
  • What antivirus software do you recommend?
    ESET NOD32. Light, powerful, great detection rate, and blocks most potentially unwanted apps from being installed.
  • Will I lose my documents and other files?
    The safety of your documents depends on the nature of the issue requiring repair on your computer. If your computer was infected by a ransomware virus, having a backup of your files prior to the infection is the only way to ensure their protection. It is highly recommended to maintain regular backups to safeguard against such situations. In cases where reimaging your computer is necessary, we take precautions to ensure the security of your data. Before proceeding, we perform a backup of your information to safeguard it during the reimage process. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your important files are protected.
  • Would you recommend a laptop or a desktop?
    The choice between a laptop and a desktop depends on your specific needs, preferences, and usage requirements. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between the two: Portability: If you need a computer that you can easily carry around and use in different locations, a laptop is the more suitable choice. Laptops are lightweight, compact, and have a built-in battery for on-the-go use. Performance and Upgradability: Desktops typically offer more powerful hardware components and better performance compared to laptops. They also tend to have more room for expansion and upgradability, allowing you to customize and enhance their capabilities over time. Specific Use Cases: Consider your specific use cases. If you need a computer primarily for office work, web browsing, and multimedia consumption, a laptop may be sufficient. However, if you require intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, or running resource-demanding software, a desktop with higher performance capabilities may be more suitable.
  • My device (computer, router, printer) isn't acting right. What is something I can try first before calling you?
    Before reaching out for support, it's always worth giving your device a quick restart. Many common issues can be resolved with this simple step. So, remember to try restarting your device if you encounter any strange problems. It might just save you time and hassle by resolving the issue on your own.
  • Do you work on inkjet printers?
    At our service center, we specialize in servicing the Epson WorkForce Pro line of inkjet printers. We have extensive experience and expertise in handling repairs for these models. However, we have made the decision to discontinue working on other inkjet printer models. This is primarily due to the fact that the cost of replacement parts often outweighs the cost of repair, making it more economical for customers to consider purchasing a new printer. Nonetheless, if you're experiencing printing issues, we can still assist you in determining whether the problem stems from a software or hardware issue. Our knowledgeable technicians can diagnose the root cause and provide guidance on the best course of action. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the appropriate support for your printing needs.
  • Why are all of my pages printing light?
    Possible causes for light prints could be damp paper, device in draft or toner saver mode, the toner may be low, or the drum cartridge is near end of life. Solutions to this issue might be replacing the paper, turning off the draft mode or toner saver setting, replacing a toner that is low, or replacing a drum cartridge that is at end of life or defective.
  • My device is printing blank pages with no visible print. How can I fix it?
    Possible causes for blank pages might be that you just installed a new consumable item and forgot to remove the sealing tape or that multiple pages are feeding from the paper tray at the same time. Possible solutions to this might be to remove sealing tape from new consumable or remove paper, fan it, and ensure it is correctly loaded in the tray.
  • Why is my device only printing completely black pages?
    A possible cause to black prints is a defective drum cartridge. Try replacing.
  • How do I fix deletions that run across every page?
    Possible causes to horizontal line deletions can be that the drum cartridge is installed incorrectly or may be defective or at the end of its life, or that the transfer roller is defective. Possible solutions to this problem may be removing the drum and re-inserting, replacing the drum, or replacing the transfer roller.
  • How do I fix deletions that run up and down every page?
    Vertical line deletions are print deletions that form narrow blank lines. Possible causes for this may be defective paper with creases or folds, the drum cartridge may be defective or at the end of its life, or the transfer roller may be defective. Possible solutions may be to replace the paper, drum cartridge or transfer roller.
  • How can I fix lines that run across every page?
    Horizontal dark streaks are black lines that appear horizontally on every page when printing (not copy or scan). Possible causes may be that the drum cartridge is defective or at end of life, the paper path could be contaminated with toner, or the fuser could be defective. Possible solutions might be to replace the drum cartridge, print several blank sheets of paper to remove any loose toner accumulations, or to replace the fuser. If you are getting lines only when you copy or scan, clean all strips of glass in the scanner.
  • How can I fix lines that run up and down every page?
    Vertical dark streaks are black lines that appear vertically on every printed page (not copies or scans). Possible causes may be that the paper path is contaminated with toner, the drum is defective or at end of life, or the fuser is defective. Possible solutions could be to print several blank pages to remove toner accumulations, replace the drum cartridge, or replace the fuser. If you are getting lines only when you copy or scan, clean all strips of glass in the scanner.
  • I am getting dark spots on every page. How do I fix this?
    Dark spots or marks that appear randomly on every printed page might be caused by a contaminated paper path, defective drum cartridge or defective fuser. Possible solutions may include printing several blank pages of paper to remove toner accumulations in the device, replacing the drum cartridge, or replacing the fuser. If the spots only appear on scans or copies made on the platen glass, try cleaning the glass.
  • What do I do if my prints easily rub off of the paper?
    Unfused or partially fused images are not fully fused to the paer and easily rubs off. This can be caused by damp paper, heavy or unusual paper, if the device is located in an environment with extreme temperature or humidity, or if the fuser is defective. Possible solutions may include replacing the paper, making sure the paper you use is in the device's recommeded media list, making sure the paper tray settings match the type of paper loaded, move the device to an area that is between 41 and 89 degrees F with relative humidy between 15-85%, check that the device is away from air vents and open loading docks, or replacing the fuser.
  • Why are my pages coming out wrinkled?
    Wrinkled prints are when the pages come out of the device wrinkled, creased, or torn. Possible causes can be paper that is not loaded correctly in the tray, paper that is in poor condition, damp paper, or the fuser is at the end of its life. Solutions to this issue might include checking or reloading the paper in the tray, replacing the paper, or replacing the fuser.
  • Why are my prints blurry?
    Possible causes for blurred prints may be the paper is damp or in poor condition, or that the drum cartridge is defective. Possible solutions could be to replace the paper or drum cartridge.
  • What do I do if my pages have light spots or areas with the print missing?
    Random or spot deletions are when areas of every page are very light or missing. Possible causes might be paper that is damp or in poor condition, or the drum cartridge could be at the end of its life. Possible solutions may be to replace the paper or the drum cartridge.
  • How can I fix marks that appear the same on every page?
    Repeating defects are marks or voids that are regulary repeated on every page. Possible solutions could be to replace the drum cartridge, transfer roller, or fuser. Please see the table below to determine what supply item might need to be replaced.
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