3 Tips For Increasing Employee Happiness

Improving office productivity is an important part of every small business. One of the simplest things you can do to improve efficiency in the office is to increase the happiness of your employees. Here are some small business tips for having a happy staff that doesn’t dread going to work.

1. Set Distinct Goals

Working toward something can help keep the monotony away. Collaborating with employees to set and define goals, and then working towards those goals as a team, can help employees to feel more accomplished. Employees who feel like they are getting things done and achieving their goals tend to be happier at work.

Strategies for Increasing Productivity in Your Workplace

High levels of productivity are vital in any workplace. Follow these small business tips to keep your employees focused and happy.

Adapt for Change

With technology steadily evolving, there always seems to be something new for business owners to obtain. Additionally, young people entering the workforce are going to be able to adapt to new technological developments fairly easily. Try new devices around the office, or text your workers instead of emailing to see some tangible changes.

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Tuesday Tips: Going Digital in 2017

Part of your company’s New Year Resolutions should involve being less reliant on physical paper by means of a multifunction printer. Going digital should be every company’s priority, and there are a few reasons why you should do that going into 2017.  

Other Companies Are Hopping Onboard

Companies all over the world are discovering the advantages of managed print services. Companies in France are leading the way with around 33 percent of businesses committing to digitizing paper processes. American companies are lagging behind, so you can become a real leader in the field by adapting to digital-based technologies.

Money Can Be Saved

Most companies rely on a lot of forms to be printed out. Some standard ones include:

Get the Attention of Your Audience With High Quality Business Communications

Communication is the key in many aspects of life, but it’s especially true within the business world. Communicating with business partners and customers through notices and advertising is a huge part of the job, and one of the most important parts of running a successful setup. Color is perhaps the most defining factor when it comes to written communication, and should be utilized by owners, but there are several other aspects to keep in mind as well.

Consider the following small business tips in order to make the most of your everyday communications within your workplace:

Best Practices for Increasing Productivity

You likely think that you and your employees already work fairly hard. While that might be true, you can always do better. These small business tips are designed to increase productivity in the workforce so that your company goes above and beyond expectations.

Be S.M.A.R.T.

It is good to have goals. However, you want to be certain those goals are smart, which means having objectives that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

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Tuesday Tips: Which Copier Is Right for Your Business?

It’s not until you start doing some research into the market that you realize just how many options there are when it comes to choosing a business copier. It’s enough to make your head spin. Your copy machine is an integral part of your business and plays a key role in its daily operation, so make sure to ask the right questions before making your final decision.

What Do You Need Out of Your Copier?

To choose the right brand and model, it’s important that you first identify what needs you need addressed:

  • Photocopying?
  • Printing?
  • Fax?
  • Scanning?
  • Finishing – stapling, hole punching, etc.?

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Tuesday Tips: Making Your Office More Energy Efficient

The push for energy efficiency is not a fad. It is something that has to be done in order to ensure our planet thrives and survives. While it may seem hard for an office to go green, it actually can be done by implementing just a handful of changes. In fact, office sustainability is becoming even easier with new technology.

Tips for Increasing Energy Efficiency

Here are some ways your business can use technology to become more sustainable:

3 Signs That You Need a New Printer

Your business likely uses your laser printer and copier on a daily basis to produce documents, send faxes, and copy training materials for your staff.

Most of the time, the machines probably meet your expectations. However, with your company’s growing demands, they devices may not be able to keep up.

A properly working multifunction printer can support your business image and eliminate downtime. Read on to beware of the signs that it’s time to replace your printer.

Regular Paper Jams

Even the best quality printers and copiers encounter problems. If you notice frequent paper jams, you may want to explore the benefits of a multifunction printer.

Tuesday Tips: Keeping Printing Costs Under Control

Anybody who works in an office or business environment knows that there are certain unavoidable costs. Among these, printing seems to be one of the highest yet most manageable. Why aren’t more companies investing in managed print services to lower their costs and streamline their printing experience? There are a few ways you can take advantage of such resources. Managed print solutions can help your business create an intuitive approach to printing cost reduction.

Optimizing Printing Function in the Office

You might think that a managed print services company will do exactly what you’ve already tried to do. If you’ve pushed efforts to conserve paper, recycle and establish guidelines for printer use to no avail, it can be tempting to give up. Managed printing solutions offer something else, though, including the following:


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