Technology Partners

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At The Office Advantage, we’re proud to partner with the best in the technology industry. We’re a Xerox Authorized Dealer and are committed to bringing the world-class office equipment, services, and solutions from Xerox to your company.


Why Xerox?

Xerox has consistently proved their ability to provide innovative document technology that can revolutionize your business processes. Xerox technology is designed with the end-user in mind with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency in the office. These high-quality copiers and laser printers will work within your existing infrastructure and help with mobile printing, scanning, digital workflows, and more. We believe that Xerox products can make your company more successful; let us show you how.


Cost Control

Xerox copiers and other solutions all lower your overall costs in a variety of powerful ways. From power document management systems to smart application defaults that help keep printing costs low, Xerox’s tools are designed with the bottom line in mind. You’ll reduce your energy consumption, use less paper, restrict printing access appropriately, and lower your costs significantly.


Environmental Impact

With Xerox, you can lower your environmental impact, creating a greener workplace. Xerox has proven to be the industry leader in sustainable technology, and we can help bring this environmental consciousness to your office. Xerox’s revolutionary Solid Ink technology reduces waste by 90% compared to traditional printer cartridges and is nontoxic and environmentally safe. Xerox’s office equipment is also Energy Star Certified and cloud-enabled, helping you reduce your power consumption and reliance on paper.



In today’s world, information security is more important than ever. You want to be able to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that all client and customer data is secure. Xerox can help you rest easy with McAfee and Cisco security technology standard with every device.


To learn more about why we believe Xerox is the right choice for Mitchell and Sioux Falls companies, contact us.