Rules-Based Printing

Office workers analyzing chart data on computer

Rules-based printing software puts you in control of what, when, and how much your organization prints. Without rules-based printing, you may not even be aware of how much your company’s printing habits cost you in any given month or year. Printing costs are often hidden in multiple departments’ budgets or spread out over time, meaning that they fly under the radar. But rules-based printing and managed print services make these costs easy to track, giving you the information you need to make quality decisions about reducing and controlling your office equipment expenses.


More Control

With rules-based printing, you can encourage efficient organization-wide printing habits without lifting a finger. Rules-based printing allows you to set printer defaults to double-sided, for instance, and utilize user-based authentication to discourage unauthorized printer use. You can set budgets and printing caps for groups or individuals, effectively controlling how much your company spends on printing each month.


Reduce Waste

The average office produces around 10,000 printed pages every year, representing a massive business expense and excessive waste. Especially in a digital world, printing isn’t the necessity it once was, so many printed pages are unnecessary. Rules-based printing allows you to identify excessive printing and work to reduce it across your office.


Enhance Document Security

Rules-based printing allows you to handle sensitive information with the care it deserves. User-based authentication, secure-release printing, and other security measures help ensure regulatory compliance and increase security.


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