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What do you gain by working with The Office Advantage? It’s all spelled out in our name: you’ll have an advantage over your competition through innovative office equipment, copiers, solutions, and services. We specialize in providing Mitchell SD and Sioux Falls businesses with the expert assistance, support, and consultation to identify and implement the solutions that ignite growth.

In today’s technology-driven world, your office equipment, processes, and services are the difference between success and failure. If your employees are spending valuable business hours manually accomplishing tasks your competitor has digitized and automated, the writing is on the wall: you’ll fall behind and eventually fail. With the right technology, you can gain the advantage and use your increased efficiency while saving money.

Office Equipment

Our office equipment systems are user-friendly, high-quality, and ready to help your company succeed.

  • Multifunction Copiers: Our multifunction copiers can handle the brunt of high-volume printing, and they’ll lower your costs.
  • Network Printers: These days, a printer isn’t only a device to create paper documents; it’s also a high-tech piece of equipment that can help automate mindless office tasks.
  • Scanners: Scanners are non-optional in today’s modern offices where digitizing documents is paramount for productivity and efficiency.  


We provide comprehensive services to increase your efficiency while lowering costs.

  • Managed Print Services: Let us help you develop a strategic plan to manage your print environment from end-to-end, ultimately saving money and boosting productivity.
  • Future Managed IT: Managed IT services can significantly improve your company’s security while ensuring minimal system downtime.


We tailor our solutions to your company’s needs. We’ll identify the pain points in your business and address them with a customized mix of software to benefit your business.

  • Rules-Based Printing: Rules-based printing is the best way to reduce your company’s overall printing budget.
  • Mobile Printing: Don’t let the productivity come to a screeching halt when it’s time to print from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile printing software can help.
  • Document Management Systems: The days of paper-based processes are over; it’s time to digitize with document management.
  • Document Capture: Digital document capture automates time-consuming tasks and reduces staff burden.

The Office Advantage

Learn more about why our solutions help businesses succeed.

  • Enhanced Security: These days, information security is paramount. We can help you stay compliant with regulations and keep client data safe.
  • Improved Productivity: Don’t fall behind the competition: learn about our solutions, services, and systems that will put you ahead.
  • Cost Management: At the end of the day, it’s all about cost control. Our solutions can reduce your costs significantly and give you more budget visibility.