Enhanced Security

Lit up padlock made out of circuits

There was a time when accessing an office’s data was a physical matter: searching for paper documents or breaking into a building. Today, information theft looks much different. In many ways, digital documents are more secure than paper ones. But without the right tools, your digital information could be as vulnerable—if not more so—than paper ones. Document management systems, managed print services, managed IT, and our other services all work together to keep your sensitive data secure.


Backup and Recovery

In the digital world, information isn’t safe until it’s saved in at least two places. Digital solutions and services like document management and managed IT services allow you to backup your most critical files and rest easy knowing you won’t lose anything if the worst should happen. Cloud-based backups allow you to recover everything and ensure your company’s continuity no matter what.


More Secure Collaboration

Collaborating over email and with paper documents can make sensitive files more vulnerable. Document management makes it simple to work together while keeping your files secure and safe.


Simpler Regulatory Compliance

Make regulatory compliance a breeze with full document audits for every file. Fully protect vital documents for their entire lifespan and see all edits, versions, and audit reports of all actions within the repository. Document management systems make HIPAA, SEC, and other regulations simple with strong security and records management. You can even create customized workflows within your document management system to govern the creation, review, and approval processes of files.


For more information about how our Mitchell and Sioux Falls solutions can improve your company’s security, contact us.