Document Capture

Business woman placing paper on scanner

Every office, regardless of their document managemenet solutions or workflows, uses document capture techniques. The difference between efficient, secure, and digital document capture methods and outdated ones is a document management system.


In a company without document management systems, document capture refers to routing paper documents through their lifecycle in your office. This begins when they enter your office walls through the mail or in another form and ends when they’re filed away. With document management, this process starts with digitizing and ends with a fully searchable, easy-to-find, cataloged electronic document.


Lightning-Fast Search

Without digital document capture, your documents are hard to find and easy to lose. Digital documents can be indexed and found with a few strokes of a keyboard, reducing the hours your staff members spend on searching for information. Digital document management improves customer service dramatically; representatives can easily find relevant data even while on a phone call—no file room needed.


Document Security

Paper documents lack security and are prone to problems such as damage or loss. As paper floats around your office from desk to desk, it’s likely to get buried in someone’s drawer or lost behind a cabinet. Document capture ensures your files are never unsecure.



Workflows don’t have to be a pain. When you digitize incoming documents as soon as they arrive, you can automate workflows throughout a document’s lifecycle. From signatures to dates, you can automate each step with document management, reducing error and increasing productivity.


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