Changes in Digital Communications


Society has truly entered a digital age. While some business owners might be reluctant to start utilizing this technology to its fullest capacity, some significant advantages stand to be gained. From electronic document management to document imaging, there are plenty of digital communications you should be implementing in your workplace.

Electronic Document Management

In the past, businesses had to store documents in potentially huge filing systems. Filing cabinets take up space, and it can be difficult to find specific documents if your ordering system is not efficient. However, many businesses have moved over to an electronic system for managing documents. You can store documents digitally and share them with other individuals with ease.

Tuesday Tips: How to Keep Your Business Productive in an Increasingly Digital World

A huge technological shift in the last few years has moved many businesses towards a paperless office. More documents are kept and used in digital format, and are stored on a cloud; however, this has increased the need for bandwidth in many cases, as offices are managing more data than ever before. The best way to maximize efficiency in this scenario is streamline workflows to eliminate redundancy and extra steps.

Tuesday Tips: How Can Your MPS Provider Add Value to Your Business?

When you are assessing the need for managed print services (MPS) in your business, or determining the quality of your current MPS provider, take time to characterize how these services can add value to your business. Three of the top ways in which MPS can add value to your business is through saving your business time and money, allowing your company to monitor critical business infrastructure and improving your business’s internal and external communication system.

After implementing effective managed print solutions, you will see a decrease in the cost of paper and printing. Most of this comes because MPS can transform many of your existing paper-based processes into digital processes. Additionally, MPS will free up time for your IT department to focus on innovating your existing IT network to increase your competitiveness as a business.

Switching to a Cloud-Based Document Management System


The days of filing documents in folders or copying them to hard disks are gone, and thank goodness. However, if you are storing your files on your device or local server, you are still lagging behind. Cloud-based document management systems offer convenience, shareability and security that is unparalleled by other document storage solutions.

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Tuesday Tips: Printing Solutions for a Mobile Workplace

The technology that we use to do our jobs grows and changes to fit the evolving demands of a busy lifestyle. These developments benefit all of us in multiple ways, whether we work in food service, transportation or education. However, those who work in an office environment will probably be the most appreciative of all the great mobile printing solutions that are out there.

These days, multifunction printers truly live up to their name with a of the options they can provide to keep your workplace moving smoothly. These printers are accompanied with an app that allows you to access their multiple functions from your phone, no matter where you are. Mobile printing solutions like this allow you to:

Tuesday Tips: Gaining Business Insight Through Printing Analytics

Managed print services often provide businesses with the capability to analyze document production across their enterprise. Document analytics will help you capture data that allows you to visualize how your employees use documents, giving you the ability to prioritize document production for the most valuable processes. Building a partnership with a managed print services provider that understands analytics can increase savings and productivity in your offices.

Using Data to Plan for the Future

3 Tips for Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

If you are looking to add managed print services (MPS) to your business, there can be many choices. It's important to choose a provider that offers the services you need and works well with your company. Here are three things to look for when choosing a managed print services provider.


1. Development

You should look for a provider serious about developing innovative solutions to improve service. A good company should be focused on customer service and dedicated to finding personalized solutions for your business.

2. Cost Savings

It's important to choose a provider with workflow solutions that save your company money. A good provider can reduce output costs by up to 20 percent. You may also want to go with a provider that includes all services and supplies on one monthly bill to further streamline the process.

Tuesday Tips: Measuring the Success of Managed Print Services

When you're analyzing your engagement with customers, you might be tempted to focus on costs. While effective pricing is important, that's just one of the many ways to measure your success as a managed print services provider. Here are some ways to recognize what makes the biggest differences in your engagements.

Service Level Agreement

A thorough service level agreement (SLA) is crucial to satisfying your enterprises. Explaining the quality of service your customer can expect gives them confidence and comfort. Specifying response times for resolutions and laying out steps to be taken when a failure occurs are two important aspects of SLAs.

Security Services

Establishing an effective security strategy is key to the success of managed print services. Make sure you're developing and implementing robust security measures to protect the business information of your customers.  

Improving Business Communication With Translation Services

Delivering products, services, documents, and other communication-oriented business activities to your customers and the many people within your organization can be distinctly challenging. Given the increasingly global nature business in the twenty-first century there is no guarantee that all members of an organization speak the same language. Add in the concerns of customers and third party agents and the diversity of linguistic needs increases considerably. Xerox easy translator service is available to make business, technical, and general communication much simpler. Thanks to our user-friendly cloud translation service you can feel confident that your information is reaching its intended audience with complete accuracy.

Accurate and Affordable Translation Services Are Within Reach

The document translation services made available by Xerox have many important benefits. For instance:


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