Tuesday Tips: What is Document Management and How Can Your Leverage Your Existing Copier?

Implementing a new software or hardware solution in your office can seem like a time consuming and costly undertaking. Sometimes you will have to invest in several new products just to integrate the 1 new solution you needed. Here’s where document management differs.

Your electronic document management software (potentially!) integrates with your existing copier or laser printer. This is important because your copier will be the tool you use to get your paper documents into your digital system. You will need a multifunction copier to scan and image your documents.

When you do so, make sure that you attribute tags and strategic titles to your documents for simple and easy ongoing file management.

Tuesday Tips: Law Firms Investing in Managed Print Services

Large law firms can have hundreds, even thousands of employees. Those numbers also mean that up-to-date document technology is a major concern. Xerox has been helping many in the legal community with next-generation managed print services that support and enhance the interaction between law firms, their partners, employees and clients. By offering user-friendly features, managed print solutions are helping legal firms ease into a digital future.

Managing Paper and Related Issues

It is no secret that law firms produce a staggering amount of paperwork, and to do this, one firm may utilize thousands of copiers and laser printers. This is the perfect environment for managed print services.

Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Own Device Policies

Bringing your own device, or BYOD, policies are becoming prominent in businesses everywhere. On the surface, these policies seem like viable mobile solutions because employees can simply bring their own electronics to work. However, there are a few things to bear in mind before implementing one of these policies for your business.


A big benefit of letting employees work from their own laptops or smartphones is the fact that they are already going to be familiar with using it. This means there is no need for as much training. This also means there is more flexibility in terms of where employees can work. If you need someone to finish a task but that individual is at home, then he or she will still be able to do it.

Tuesday Tips: Strengthening Your Business with Cloud Technology

Cloud technology may be one of the greatest assets available to small companies. By using cloud storage for electronic document management, you can drastically reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks and focus on building your business.

Facilitating Communication

Unlike larger corporations, your small business does not have endless employees and money at its disposal. This lack of resources can make it difficult to maintain sufficient communication with clients. However, you can reduce your dependence on travel and in-person meetings by doing business through a cloud system. With cloud technology, your clients can remotely track the progress of your projects, and you can easily give them access to relevant information and documents.

Reducing Overhead

Storing the majority of your data in the cloud reduces your company’s dependency on a physical office. This has some major conveniences, including:

Tuesday Tips: 4 Ways Managed Print Services Can Transform Your Office

Having an efficiently-run office is one key to business success but printing can be one of the most challenging areas. Managed print services (MPS) can take responsibility for all printing-related tasks, drastically improving efficiency and lowering costs. Additionally, managed print solutions give you and your employees more time to focus on innovation and the specific things that make your company successful. Here are four specific ways MPS can transform your office.

1. Environmental Responsibility

Implementing MPS makes it easy to add eco-friendly practices to your office. You can access programs such as cartridge recycling, device trade-in programs, and strategies to reduce waste.

Tuesday Tips: Solving Problems With Mobile Print Solutions

Since the introduction of the smartphone, the business world has become more centered around the use of this convenient handheld technology for everything from accepting calls to viewing important emails at a moment’s notice. The only place where this tech seems to fall short is when you need to print something. However, there is now such a thing as mobile print, which allows you to connect directly to a laser printer with your mobile device in order to print important documents or other items at a moment’s notice.

Mobile workers who rely heavily or exclusively on their handheld devices can benefit from printing from tablet or smartphone in several ways while on the job, including:

Xerox Technology Restores Your Office Space

Multifunction printers that are Xerox ConnectKey enabled give you options to get rid of the paper mess in your office.  These cloud solutions are the efficient way to unclutter your space through scanning.

Scan to the Cloud

When you scan to the cloud with a printer app, you can organize and share documents as well as send them. Scanning to DropBox, Box, and Google Drive is enabled on the printer’s front panel. With the mobile link app, you can extend your productivity even when you are on the go. Compose and start jobs right from your phone as well as capture document images with your phone.

Searchable PDF

You save valuable time when you initiate the scan to searchable PDF function to look for a document. This function enables you to search scanned documents by content instead of spending time trying to figure out what the document is titled.


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