Tuesday Tips: Use Your Scanner to Digitize Your Documents

Technology is going to be the way of the future for many industries going forward. This means many basic processes are getting updated, including document storage. One way to bring your business up to speed is to look into document imaging to digitize all your paper files, so everything can be accessed electronically.

Free Up Space Around the Office

Your office building has a finite amount of space. If you hope to grow your business operations, then you need to utilize that space efficiently to hold more equipment or to hire more employees. Using office space for holding documents is inefficient. By digitizing documents with a scanner, you do not need to dedicate an entire room for papers.

What Does a Copier Cost?

When you go about researching copiers for your office, you may be asking what the standard or average price is. The problem is that since each organization is different, has different priorities and daily business tasks, each organization needs a particular copier for their needs. Establishing a baseline can be difficult. Here are a few types of copiers that you may need and what the pricing is:


Printers allow you to print standard, A4 size documents, or an array of media and are suited for teams up to 25. While you do not have the added functions of copy, scan or fax, these are designed for up to 30,000 pages per month and print up to 37 pages per minute. The variance in machine capabilities is huge, which means that the perfect machine is likely out there! These machines range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for the more robust printers for graphic arts.

Which Printer Can Help Your Office Go Paperless?

Having a paperless office seems like an unrealistic dream to many small business owners. While you may not be able to completely eliminate paper from your office immediately, the right small business printers can assist you in making your use of paper more efficient. Here's how to determine the best printer for the job.

Determine Your Needs

To begin, you likely need more than just a simple printer. All in one printers work as scanners, copiers, and fax machines. These printers save desk space and costs. If you're printing a lot of photos, you should consider an inkjet printer for the highest quality. If your business mostly prints text, you will most likely fare well with a laser printer.

Dissecting Xerox's New All in One Printer

The Xerox WorkCentre 6515/N is a new, all-in-one printer that marries quality output with ease of use in a combination that will make small-business owners stand up and cheer. It also delivers speed and a redesigned user interface that gives you touchscreen access to print functions and menus.

How it Works

This multifunction printer is LED-based, employing light-emitting diodes in place of a laser while delivering the same print quality. It holds 300 sheets of paper, split between a tray and feeder, with an optional tray that can hold 550.

Print Features

Here are some of the features of the 6515/N:

Tuesday Tips: 3 Secrets to Increasing Employee Engagement and Productivity

Is it enough for your employees to show up and do their jobs? Employers understand that their staff can be more productive if they feel connected to the work environment as well as the work they do. While incentives can be one way to boost morale, employers should consider creating a culture of engagement to improve office productivity.

1.Be Approachable

The relationship between management and work force may hold one of the keys to a positive workplace. When employees believe that their supervisors are available, honest, and concerned, they feel their contributions matter to the company.

2.Be a Community

Another way to keep employees engaged is by offering social activities that can add meaning to their work and personal relationships. Company sporting events, volunteer opportunities, or holiday celebrations allow employees to socialize and form more meaningful relationships with peers and employers.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Print Technology

Too many businesses settle for printers and copiers that do their basic functions and not much else. Print technology has gotten to be truly amazing, so look for the following features in the next device you acquire.

Superb Image Quality

Some companies depend on being able to print out high-quality photos to show to clients. While all printers can utilize color, 1111___d905dc5a-4e6c-4e9f-a856-9eb79e164862 you may want to get something specifically designed for these tasks. Check the resolution quality a printer is capable of before buying it.

Invest in a Printer That Has Added Benefits and Features

With a printer that has added benefits and features, it really is an investment. It’s an investment not just in office equipment but also in lowering costs and increasing productivity if you choose such machines as Xerox multifunction printers.

Like all such devices, they can print, copy, fax and scan. In the case of the new Connect-key enabled printers by Xerox, however, they can also translate. With the Easy Translator app, the machine itself can instantly print out the document you scan in into one of more than 35 languages.

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