Maintaining HIPAA Compliance With Your Document Management

Since 1996, healthcare organizations have had to remain in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The law requires these companies to remain in compliance with certain data privacy laws, and with the advent of online document management systems, the law has gotten more complex.

Adhering to Specific Guidelines

With electronic document management systems becoming more commonplace with healthcare businesses, more companies are susceptible to hacking and losing crucial information. These days, many companies are still reliant on paper documents, so both physical and electronic information needs to be protected. While a lot can be done, here are some of the basic practices you need to implement.

What Security Risks are You Potentially Vulnerable to?

When it comes to keeping your tech protected in the workplace, you’re probably most concerned about your computers and Wi-Fi network. However, what you might not have considered is that one of your most vulnerable pieces of technology is your multifunction printer.

Any printer that has a Wi-Fi of Bluetooth connection is susceptible to being hacked, placing your documents and network as a whole at risk. That’s why you need to know a bit about the threats you’re at risk of when you have this type of printer, so you can get the right type of printer security on your side. Some of the biggest threats include:

What to Know About Cloud Managed Print

Improve efficiency and reduce superfluous expenses by implementing managed print services at your office. When your bottom line needs enhancement, it is worth it down the line to invest in these services now.

Reduce Reliance on IT

Constantly needing to contact IT professionals is going to add up over time. Many times, the resolution is something simple you probably could have done on your own. With a Cloud-based system, most issues will be averted entirely, and you can get additional assistance from the vendor when necessary.

How to Spring Clean Your Office

Over time the number of files, paper and random things pile up in your office. Now that spring is upon us, it’s as good a time as ever to do a big clean and reorganize.

Start by taking stock of everything that needs to be done to get cleaned and organized. Have you accumulated a lot of receipts that are going to need to be sorted? Do you need to update team member files? Take not of all of the projects needed to get up-to-date. Once you have a list, you’ll have a much easier time checking things off. Take stock of your inventory and supplies.

Paper is often a huge aspect of spring cleaning. Consider switching to digital and reducing the amount of paper that accumulates through the year.  Xerox’s Web Capture tools help you get your physical documents easily into the apps that your businesses uses regularly, eliminating many time consuming and headache-inducing steps.

Tips to Handle Your Tax Documents Safely

Tax season is coming, which means you’ve probably started pulling together your documents to file. As you prepare to file, here are some tips on how to safely handle your tax documents.

Digitize Documents

Leaving your documents lying around your home, especially if you don’t own a safe, may not be the best way to store them. If your home suffers a break in or fire, you may lose important information. Consider digitizing your documents so no matter what happens, you have them in a place you can easily retrieve them.

Shred Old Documents

You may have a safe or other secure place to store your documents, but that doesn’t mean you should hold onto them forever. The IRS has guidelines on how long to save certain documents. When it comes time for you to throw them out, be sure to follow the proper document security guidelines and shred them first.

Protecting Your Data and Documents

Protecting business documents is critical to the functioning of your office. When transitioning your document management systems, uploading files or collaborating on projects, it’s important to maintain your privacy. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

When scanning and uploading documents, you open up the possibility of compromising your data and information.

Setting up content filters and access can help you to protect your files and ensure that only the appropriate people can open, view or edit a specific document. Creating a filter, like categorizing files as “confidential,” can help you to identify files and set up general provisions to protect and limit access.

Make Your Document Workflows Easier for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers need an efficient device to ensure patients’ personal materials remain secure. The right multifunction printer can make all the difference, so acquire a new healthcare MFP if your old one is lacking in certain features.

Benefits You Gain

For starters, one of these printers is capable of doing so much more than print. It can also fax, scan, copy and perform a wide range of other functions. Some of the other advantages you get include:

Introducing the New Healthcare ConnectKey-Enabled MFP

Xerox recently unveiled the new ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer, which is designed for smaller healthcare providers. The partnership with Kno2 allows healthcare providers to electronically share patient data in a HIPAA-compliant way. The exchange of information in this way will enable healthcare providers to rely less and less on paper documents and more on electronic file storage and management.

The ConnectKey-enabled MFP will allow workers to collaborate more efficiently. Simply scan patient documents and send to providers in the existing database. This increases document security, since you will not be making copies of sensitive data, and creates an electronic record.

Additionally, the learning curve is relatively low, given that the software is added to existing multifunction printers.

Tuesday Tips: Making Changes with Managed Print

Are you looking for ways to transform your office and make it more productive?

Managed print services are a great way to make that happen. Printing is one of the processes/tasks that often goes unmanaged. A disorganized print environment could be costing you both money and employee productivity. Here are a few ways that managed print services can change up your office processes for the better:

Tips for Buying a Large Office Printer

When you go about buying a large item for your office, like a business laser printer, it’s crucial to make sure you are buying the best item for your workspace and your organization. With a large purchase, it is often a large financial investment – either if you choose to lease or buy your office equipment.


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