Let Your Office Go Green with Xerox

You knew the going green saved the environment but did you know that it can also save your company money and lots of it? Go green with Xerox and you'll see the difference in your budget.

Consider the many different ways you can experience the benefits of creating a green office in South Dakota.

1. Bulk buys.

Just like groceries or party supplies, you can save on per-unit prices with bulk buys. Avoid packaging costs and lower your per-unit cost.

2. Recycle toner bottles and cartridges.

Reduce the waste you send to the landfill and save with Xerox recycling program. It's so quick and easy you won't believe you just saved money.

3. Purchase a multifunction printer.

Instead of a group of stand-alone machines, you can save money and energy with just one multifunction machine.

Common Problems Without Document Management

Folders, files, attachments, charts, graphs, reports, applications, taxes. Do you ever feel like your business is swimming in piles of documents? Do you feel like instead of owning your documents they own you?

Document clutter. It's a thing. But you CAN tell your documents what to do when you filter them through document management.

We've seen several common threads in companies that do not use document management. They are disorganization, disunity and environmental waste.


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