Printing Beyond CMYK

Printing Beyond CMYK

With potential clients being so bombarded by media in every direction, it’s becoming more and more important to find ways to make your materials more attention-getting. One way to do this is to invest in office equipment technology that will allow you to move beyond printing in CMYK only.

Dry Ink Technology

Print technology that uses dry ink is one way to make your documents more appealing. It not only allows for new colors to be used but also for layering and a smoother finish that makes jobs come out more vibrant and professional looking. Two important additions with the dry ink technology are:

1. White Dry Ink

A brighter and more opaque white is a game changer. This improved white will make you aware of how bland the whites of the past really are in comparison.

2. Metallic Dry Inks

These gold and silver inks allow for a true metallic finish that can never be achieved with the CMYK the past. Instead of using foil stamping, these inks incorporate actual metal flecks, making them look more realistic than ever. Printer technology is one of the areas of office technology that allows for sales and marketing departments to be more creative than ever. And, for companies that work in the printing industry, it gives you a greater advantage over competition, and one that your clients will be happy to pay more for.