The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The subject of computer security has existed for as long as computers and the internet have, but the field is always changing and costs of cybercrime continue to grow. Major corporations and government agencies seem like high-profile targets, but small businesses increasingly are the ones under attack. Understanding the risks and how to implement document security is critical for small business owners to protect themselves and their customers.

Protect Your Clients’ Trust

Many businesses, from real estate firms to legal offices, handle sensitive paperwork and information that clients trust them with, and a security breach can jeopardize all parties involved. Within the office, security is about more than just the network and devices connected to it: physical documents must also be secure, and printer security involves keeping them private both digitally and when printed. It’s critical that you make sure employees handle sensitive information, whether physical or digital, with utmost care. Similarly, managing copier security is vital so that copies of documents aren’t misplaced or unaccounted for.

Beware of Mobile Technology Vulnerabilities

Outside of the office, sensitive information and documents still have to be transferred and accessed conveniently and safely. Often, digital copies of physical documents are used, and laptops and mobile smart devices facilitate their access. Document security, thus, extends to wherever your employees and their devices go - a transfer over a non-secure network or an intrusion into an unprotected device can leak vital business or client information.