Corporate Responsibility and How it Matters to Xerox

Xerox believes that businesses should be socially responsible. Corporations should still focus on its environmental and social impact. The reality is that socially responsible businesses are cost-effective and efficient. In addition, to practice sustainability means that the company will be able to serve future generations.

Reporting Responsibility

Xerox was among the first companies that decided to report on health, environment and safety performance. This type of focus forced other companies to do the same. After Xerox, the market demanded that companies operate responsibly. In line with Xerox’s innovation, the company seeks to make social and environmental change. The company reduces emissions and tries to divert from landfill use.

Eco-Friendly Programs

While it is important for Xerox to increase productivity in the workplace, it also seeks to preserve the planet and human safety. For example, Xerox has a program where it donates directly to reforestation efforts whenever someone directly prints from a company. The point is to improve productivity but also to keep from harming the planet and society. Sustainability matters to Xerox. It’s important not to waste resources and to consider the environmental and social impact that a corporation has. Xerox understands that today’s struggles with impact future generations and seeks to improve conditions so that Xerox also has a future.