3 Reasons This Digital Press is a Game-Changer

Xerox digital press

The Xerox Iridesse digital press is a groundbreaking piece of equipment that makes life easier and more creative for designers and print professionals. Here are three factors causing many people in the print world to talk about it.

1. Two Incredible Technologies Combined

The Xerox Iridesse has a six-color system which combines traditional and specialty inks on a single press. That alone is an innovation in digital printing, but the Iridesse also offers Metallic Dry Inks that retain so much resolution, they are actually a suitable substitute for foil stamping.

2. Embellishments, Including Metallics

Using the Metallic Dry Inks, print professionals can pull incredibly sharp images from tricky elements like gradients and thinner fonts. The Xerox Iridesse can also create these elements, making it easy to add metallic or iridescent textures to flat prints.

3. Customers Love it!

Top of the line graphics can command top dollar, and marketers are more than willing to pay. The Xerox Iridesse could potentially be an investment that helps the bottom line for print service providers within as short period of time. With its efficiency and versatility, this digital press can work quickly in an automated fashion, to deliver high quality and quantity print projects that can fetch quite a price. Lots of products are marketed as game-changers, but the Xerox Iridesse actually lives up to that reputation.